Mar, 11 2022 . 11 min read

Branding? Let’s start with Brand Awareness

The company is continually looking through approaches to achieve their goals. There is such a significant number of goals to achieve for maximizing profit like brand awareness. Brand awareness alludes to awareness at a specific point in time instead of knowledge of the brand; the term is utilized to allude to situational awareness (Holden, 1992). Regarding a brand in the mind of the customer, brand awareness is viewed as the first building block in developing associations. For a consumer to buy a product, they need to be aware of the item offered by the brand. (Macdonald & Sharp, 2003). The consumer’s ability to effortlessly search the brand under varying circumstances is one of the fundamental activities to reflect brand awareness that relates to the strength of the brand trace in the memory of the consumer (Keller K. , 1993). The consumer usually recognizes the products where the brand is associated, so Brand awareness possible to recognize as the strength of a brand’s presence in the market (Boshoff & Gerber, 2008). 

So why brand awareness is important?

Brand Awareness Objectives Based on Moisescu in the side of company brand awareness is the most important aspect. When a consumer wants to make a decision in their consumer process is brand awareness because it is a fundamental issue that customer can easily remember the brand in the situation of giving a specific product category. Besides that, it also important when the brand can become among the brands that consumer can consider. Basically, in the standard decision when brand awareness is done correctly where consumers can easily search for information or easily considerate to convince them to make choice in that brand (Moisescu, 2018). Moreover, Koniewski also research that brand awareness is important because it influences also on the successive purchase, because brand awareness is the gate to make consumer buy 8 the product at the first time, usually when at the first time consumer feel the product already fulfilled their needs and expectation , it will recall the same product to be buy next time when consumer wants to purchase again. (Koniewski, 2018) In the side of consumer perspective, brand awareness usually is applied as a strategy to make efficiency in their purchasing decision process. Not only in term of efficiency, sometimes consumer tends to depend on brand awareness in some circumstances when purchasing, that means they more trust to buy a brand that already n their mind or they know (Koniewski, 2018). The conclusion is brand awareness itself has a very significant issue for the company to achieve it. The company must increase its brand awareness to have a positive impact on how consumer response when see or hear their brand. There will be achieved using various marketing communication tool, that one of the tools is sponsorship (Jalleh, Donovan, GillesCorti, & Holman, 2002).