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Find your best way to create all in one learning platform under your own brand!

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We provide complete solution for you, based on your expectation. Make your task more easy with our product.

Use your own domain or brand

Explore your idea by create your own site or embed link in existing site for seamless experience on any domain or website platform.

Customize your e-learning platform

Easily customize your own interface to match your brand. Build a custom layout through your portal. Make them know your brand more easy.

Online courses builder

Publish course to your portal in just one click. It also easy with intuitive builder, which allows you to view the course in real time.

Student area

Students can manage their online courses and monitor their progress through the dashboard. It already optimized to learn, follow the lessons and ask questions easily.

Mounev gives you the tools to create an online course.

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We already served more than 100+ client to built their own schools from company and creator.

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