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We are focus in the easy-to-use features to eliminate the tech headaches that might come.

Customization Design

Easily customize the visual identity of your online courses with unique logos, images, and custom color schemes. Make your website your own with full customization control and create to support your branding.

Custom Domain

Choose a friendly address for your online course in our domain or configure your own custom domain. You can also create an entirely new course site with Mounev, or deeply link/embed with your existing site for a seamless student experience on any domain or website platform.

Modular courses

Organize your online courses into modules with sections and lessons to facilitate your learning methods. Set up your contents with our drag & drop builder to build a comprehensive curriculum. Effortlessly add, delete, or rearrange sections of your course pages.

Share and/or sell online courses

Receive your payments securely via our payment gateway, with methods of your own choice. We make it easy for you to charge your courses through our integrations with the most widely used payment processors, such as Bank Transfer and Go-Pay.

Student management

Manage the students of your online courses and track their progress and performance in real time. Mounev also provide student profile and also simple award for students that become first enroll and highest score. These features include student groups, bulk emails, bulk enrollment, and more.

Optimized for search engines

Your online courses are optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making it easy to be found on Google.

Growth charts

Follow the growth of your online courses through charts that show the number of growth.

Backup Data

Mounev hosts your online courses with redundancy and backup for you to have a secure and reliable environment.


Platform is entirely responsive, with optimized support for desktop, tablets and mobile.


Fast, simple & effortless.

Bring your online courses and coaching services to life with our student-sided features. Reach more students simpler and easier with our advanced features and tools.

  • Protect Your Data
  • One Place For Your Team
  • Collaborate From Anywhere
  • Control your schools in one place

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