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Mounev is a business that mostly engaged in education and believes that the strength of a nation lies in education! We happily to share our insights to share high quality education through this blog.


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Focuses on developing a knowledge-sharing platform, Mounev is a Learning Management System that supports schools, companies, and individuals in out setting knowledge revolution activities through online learning, reducing cost and saving time to be effective and efficient.

Founded in 2017, Mounev pivoted from an educational-only platform into an all-in-one platform to outset the knowledge revolution for many industries, education, and even individuals. Mounev sees an opportunity to bring together knowledge empowerment in this world through sharing a platform for knowledge exchange.

With your content and insight available on every platform–native iOS, Android, and web–and regular new feature updates, Mounev is here to lead the way of educational revolution. Join us to create this revolution together!

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