About Us

A goal oriented company that has a dream to manage knowledge empowerment in industry, education and individuals.

Our Story!

Focuses on developing knowledge sharing platform, Mounev is a Learning Management System to support schools, companies, and individuals in managing knowledge revolution activities with online learning which can reduce cost and saving time to be effective and efficient.

Build in 2017, Mounev is pivot from educational only platform to become all in one platform to manage knowledge revolution in many industries, education, and even to individuals. We see there is an opportunity to bring together for knowledge empowerment in this world through sharing platform.

We also believe knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the world that invest in every individual, not only that we believe that every individual has an opportunity to access knowledge in any shapes and circumstances.

With your content and insight available on every platform–native iOS, Android, and web–and regular new feature updates. Join us to create this revolution!